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Special Food Products

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In India, food operators including importers of food products, food ingredients and food additives are regulated through Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006, and the Food Safety and Standards Regulation 2011. This is a regulation to consolidate the laws relating to food and to establish the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India for laying down regulations and science based standards for articles of food.

Various other special category of food products such as Health supplements, Nutraceuticals, Foods for special dietary use, Foods for special medical purpose, Nutritional ingredients, Genetically modified food, Food with prebiotics, Food with probiotics, Organic Foods, Functional food, Proprietary food, Novel food are also defined and regulated under section 22 of the Food Safety and Standards Act.

In general, it is mandatory for all Food Business Operators involved in import, manufacture, storage, distribution and sale of food products in the country to be registered or licensed in accordance with the procedures laid down in the indicated regulation.

Vyomus Consulting provides end-to-end Product Registration, Ingredient Registration, New Food Product Registration, Food Additive Registration, Product Categorisation, Ingredients Evaluation, Labellingand Claims Support services. An end-to-end service offering which will help you import, manufacture and sell your food products in India, so as to achieve faster product approvals leading to enhanced access to Markets and Opportunities.

Special Food Products Registration Process Overview :


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