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Product Development Advisory

Strategic Assessment and Tactical Implementation…..

Vyomus Consultingunderstands the science behind your product, applicable regulations and expected business outcomes, to help customers formulate and implement development strategies for Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices, right from lead candidate/prototype selection to final regulatory submissions leading to commercialisation. Our local knowledge combined with global standards and scientific regulatory expertise will ensure success by adding effectiveness, efficiency and manageability to your product development programs.

Vyomus Consulting developed and well tested implementation methodology – “ASIA” generates significant business gains on all implemented projects. It integrates science, regulations and measurable business outcomes, at each stage of the product development lifecycle to ensure a focus on results for both business and functional stakeholders. The business consulting approach and impeccable process implementation and delivery practices ensure that optimal product development solutions are implemented to achieve specified business objectives, strategically.

Industry focus : Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices& IVDs.

Vyomus Consulting offers following services in this area :

Product Development Strategy & Plan; Project Management; Supplier/Vendor Selection & Qualification

<===== Integrated Program Delivery =====>
Business Focus Science Focus Regulatory Focus
Portfolio Analysis Scientific Advice Regulatory Strategy & Advice
Market Assessment Comprehensive Product
Development Strategy and
Implementation Plan
Regulatory Services to
fulfilPreclinical, Clinical Trial
and Market Authorisation
Submission Requirements
Due Diligence, Gap Analysis –
Candidate Selection
Comparative Effectiveness
Strategy and Clinical
Submissions: NDA, ANDA, MAA, BLAs.
<=== Development Execution ===>


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