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About us

Vyomus Consulting is a Regulatory Science and Product Development Consulting firm, serving Business to Business (B2B) Customers in highly regulated industries. Our services help Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Cosmetics & Wellness, Food & Nutrition organisations commercialise products, reduce time to market, achieve compliance and grow their business efficiently and effectively.

From discovery to commercialization, we design, implement and provide science based optimal business solutions specifically tailored to overcome business challenges and hence anchor the process of “Quick to Market” to our customers. We anticipate pitfalls before they occur, outline a clear pathway for advancement, and maximize your investment and project success.


At Vyomus Consulting, we are dedicated to helping our customers solve their business challenges by providing optimal, measurable, effective &efficient business solutions. Everything we do, reflects this mission and the values that make it possible.

Who do we Serve?

Start-ups, Emerging, Small to Midsized organisations or Global conglomerates – in the Pharmaceuticals & Biopharmaceutical, Medical Devices & Diagnostics, Cosmetics & Wellness; Food & Nutrition industry.

From a products perspective, we serve :

  • Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices & IVDs, Cosmetics, Biologics & Biosimilars, rDNA products, Phyto Pharmaceuticals, Blood & Blood Products, Veterinary products, Ayurvedic products, Vaccines, Generics, Fixed Dose Combinations manufacturers, marketers & importers.
  • Cosmetics manufacturers, marketers, importers.
  • Food, Health supplements, Nutraceuticals, Foods for special dietary use, Foods for special medical purpose, Nutritional ingredients, Genetically modified food, Food with prebiotics, Food with probiotics, Organic Foods, Functional food, Proprietary food, Novel food manufacturers, marketers & importers.

At each stage of the project implementation lifecycle, Vyomus Consulting focuses on impacts and results for both business and functional stakeholders. This enables our customers to improve their development timelines, reduce risk and achieve compelling ROI.

Our Values

Respect  : Respecting our commitment to our customers is the only priority to us.
Pride : Pride in our work is the number one criteria for our team members.
Communication : We will devote time and effort to make active communication a priority.
Transparency : Transparency keeps us honest.
Innovation : We invest our thinking and resources into change consistently.


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