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Management consultants use their know-how to support customers in any sector locally, regionally and globally to deal with important issues such as handling complexity, achieving sustainable organizational growth, innovating, achieving change and enhancing productivity. The management consultancy industry makes a substantial contribution to the world economy.

The aim of ISO 20700:2017 is to improve transparency and understanding between customers and consultancy service providers, in order to achieve better results from consulting projects. Appropriate application of ISO 20700 enables consultancy service providers to provide better value for customers and reduce risk in consulting assignments. By improving quality, professionalism, ethical behaviour and interoperability of consulting, ISO 20700 is intended to enhance the effectiveness of the management consulting industry and accelerate the development of the profession.

ISO 20700 is written as a guidance;is applicable to all Management consultancy service providers;applies to organizations, not their internal resources;is based on outcomes;protects innovation and differentiation;emphasizes the importance of understanding clients’ needs;is easy to understand.

At Vyomus Consulting, we follow the process of Contracting, Execution and Closure as outlined under ISO 20700, and deliver our projects according to ISO 20700.All our services also comply to GLP, GCP, GCDMP, GPvP as required.

Quality System at Vyomus


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