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Professional Training

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Professional training is provided over a 6-12 month period consisting of a combination of 2-4 day workshops held at regional centres, and contact classes for assessing assignments. A certificate or diploma will be awarded as applicable, as qualification on successfully completing a course.

All courses provide an interactive practical overview, and consist of Presentations, case studies, group exercises and discussions, and the course papers include:

  • Detailed notes and copies of all presentations.
  • Work book in which the candidate will be provided with information necessary to complete the exercises included in the courses and a reading list should the attendee wish to continue with further studies.
  • A short assessment of the attendees understanding of the course.

Vyomus offers specialist, in-depth training by experts, in key areas which are not comprehensively covered at present. We use only top experts with established track records in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries with presenters typically having over 25 years experience in their field. They will not only train you but educate you and will help you develop your skills and keep up to speed with current industry changes.

Our venues are thoroughly researched to ensure training is conducted in a comfortable and friendly learning environment. Numbers on our courses are restricted to enable participants the opportunity for thorough discussion of the issues to be covered by the programme and one-to-one consultation with speaker(s).

At Vyomus, our approach to training is “learning through doing with experts at your side.” Our training solutions are highly interactive and based on real problems and scenarios within the pharmaceutical industry. We also provide customized training programs on very specialized subjects/areas based on your requirement.

At present we provide the following standardized courses. Please get in touch for customized requirements.

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