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Developing new products or modifying existing products so they appear new, and offering those products to current or new markets is the definition of product development strategy. There is nothing simple about the process. It requires keen attention to the markets and most important the ability to product development and manufacturing processes. In most cases, due to non-availability of internal resources, capacity and or expertise, specialised vendors are identified to overcome these operational challenges.

Vendor management is complex and indeed cumbersome and annoying although fundamentally, proper vendor management is nothing more or less than risk management. Properly implemented, however, it can save the organisation/customer money, loss of reputation, from failure to provide core services in a quality manner, and regulatory headaches. With increased outsourcing and heightened regulatory concern, organisations have to carefully manage their relationships with vendors of all shapes and sizes. The ability of an organisation to effectively select and manage vendors is directly related to its safety and soundness.

Vyomus Consulting can help you through the complete vendor management process through its team of consultants who provide national and international Drug / Product Development strategy and advice to help customers propel pharmaceuticals, biologics, medical devices / combination products over early stage hurdles, past key milestones, and on to first-cycle approvals.

The following represents services provided by Vyomus Consulting in this vertical :


From discovery to commercialization, we design, implement and provide solutions specifically tailored to your business challenges which ensures significant return on investment and reduces total cost of ownership. Integrating Science, Regulations and Measurable Business outcomes, combining local knowledge with global standards, our team moves beyond providing expert advise to get your project off the ground and moving at a fast pace.

Vyomus Consulting consists of experts in regulations, formulation development and testing, pharmacology/toxicology, pharmacokinetics, biostatistics, program management, and preclinical, clinical trial design and evaluation. Vyomus Consulting senior practitioners have a unique blend of business, domain, technology, pharma process expertise and include former senior executives from top Pharma, Biotechnology, Clinical Development companies, top tier Consulting firms, Fortune 500 enterprises, and leading Outsourcing service providers.

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