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The development of a new drug is a very complex, costly, and risky task. There are inherent difficulties in running a drug development programme successfully and the larger or the more innovative the project the more numerous potential problems can be. Applying function specific, modern project management principles to the development of products and product development activities is mandatory for successful, on-time and on-target delivery. Managing and Co-ordinating Product Development Programs and Projects can be an overwhelming and time-consuming task.

At Vyomus Consulting, our multidisciplinary team of expert drug developers and project managers facilitate a seamless transition between program planning, project management, implementation and execution to attain program goals within agreed upon service levels. Further, we have developed a flexible financial model that can facilitate your cash flows and significantly reduce your development budgets. Vyomus Consulting offers the following services in this area…..


We start the engagement process by assigning a dedicated senior resource as a Program / Project Manager who would be the single point of contact throughout the process. The project manager controls and coordinates the complete process and approvals of all documentation which will ensure successful project delivery. Further, the project manager coordinates the decision-making process by identifying key issues and decisions that need to be made, and then ensures that you respond in a timely manner so as not to unnecessarily delay projects.

Our wealth of knowledge and experience will help ensure that your product is developed within an optimal timescale and budget since, at each stage of the project implementation lifecycle, Vyomus Consulting focuses on impacts and results for both business and functional stakeholders.

The team at Vyomus Consulting is flexible to fit your needs. We can provide selected or comprehensive services either from our facility or onsite at your facility as required to meet your specific program needs.

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