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From product discovery, development, commercialization, manufacturing to delivery, everything is a collaborative outcome of years of planning, industry research, execution and the ultimate market distribution strategies.

A reliable dealer / distributor network ensures the effectiveness of last mile connectivity on the ground. This is absolutely necessary even before launching the product in specific markets. It can be challenging to find and build relationships with trustworthy, reliable medical distributors in India.

Although a close analysis of a distributor’s past sales performance and the strength of their networks within each Indian sales region gives an idea on their capability, it does not ensure their reliability and commitment to your products or markets.

Vyomus utilizes its intimate industry knowledge, network of contacts, fact based analysis and extensive on-the-ground presence to identify and qualify the best distributors for your products in India. We provide the following services to help you build and develop your dealer / distributor network within India :

  • Comprehensive product (scientific, technology, regulatory), market, business environment analysis based on your requirement to determine an optimal distribution strategy
  • Identify and contact potential distributors
  • Conduct due diligence of identified, potential distributors to assess their suitability, to deliver on customer requirements
  • Provide the customer with a shortlist of the most qualified distributors
  • Organize meetings between the customer and the shortlisted distributors
  • Assist the customer in negotiating a distribution agreement
  • Handhold distributors and assist the customer with post contract signing issues
  • Assess and improve dealer performance as required.
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